Did you get a survey?

“The assessment is underway, and it includes surveys of residents and visitors. The committee has received enough resident surveys, but is still seeking more visitors to complete the survey.”****

What??? Did you get a survey????   Unfortunately this article does not tell how these surveys were sent/given out.    I have not spoken with one person yet who got a survey.

Could it be the city was selective in who they sent them to?  Why did they not make a bigger deal out of these surveys letting people know where to pick them up if they had to go and pick one up.     The people I have talked to had no idea there was a survey.

mayor decker is pushing to do Discover Wisconsin again,  why when it was such a failure.   No business’s have come to town, not ONE.  But business’s have left town.

Has anyone every watched the commercial Milton has on t.v., Brodhead I believe has done the same.   Where it features the local business’s one by one .

Milton and Brodhead  are  both successful in drawing retail and industry to their towns, Evansville needs to take a page from their book.

Discover Wisconsin did nothing for Evansville.   Spend the money wisely and on some thing that works.  Stop making poor decisions for Evansville.



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