Joe Paterno Fired!

I realize he wanted to go out on his own terms.  Retiring at the end of the season.  But he lost that right.  He helped to cover up  horrendous crimes.  At the time he may have felt he did what he needed to do, but he had to have known it belonged in the hands of the police, not just college administration.    The board did the right thing in firing him and the president of the college. Such a very sad end to a brilliant career but he did it to himself.    He said to pray for the victims.   Has he been praying for the victims all these years?   He should have stepped down on his own, and not stuck around  wanting to retire at the end of the  season.   He had a obligation to report it to the police or make sure it was reported by administration.  It is a crime that happened.

Those students who rioted last night need to get a clue and a life.   They should get a hold of the grand jury report and study it ..

It’s funny when you have to say those college students need to educate them selves on the facts.

Joe Paterno should have told the students to go home.


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