Do you think they know he is black?

Herman Cain has been a good disruption for the republicans.  But with several key republicans backing him, do you think they know he is black?

Because so many of the republicans can not stand the fact that President Obama is black.   That is why they have fought him so hard on so many things. They can not stand the fact he is black.  The fact they keep bringing up this stupid birth certificate thing  shows how clueless the republicans truly are and how desperate they are.

But as the poles show the republicans have damaged them selves by fighting him so much.  Because they have done nothing.  They have not worked with the democrats or the President.  They do not like any of the President’s ideas but have no ideas of  their own or want to protect their rich friends with the policy’s they do want to put through.   People realize what they are doing .    I think come elections next November some of these republicans had better have their resumes polished.


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