Dennis Wessels Resigns

I heard this a couple of weeks ago.   I was surprised.

I went to Dennis to talk with him about this.   It was just 6 months ago he was on my porch asking for a signature so he could run.

If   anyone  knows BEN at RADIO SHACK, you also know that he would make a great alder person.   He is lives in our district.

He is also now on the Park Board so he is familiar with city doings.   I have encouraged him for years to run for Alder or MAYOR!!!!!!

Dennis has done a nice job for our district.   I do not agree with everything he has voted for.

At times it has led to quite the discussions.

But he has always made himself available to listen to people from the district.

When I asked him why he was leaving in the middle of the term.  He said very little. …….


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