It’s to bad Brett Bielema believed all the hype.

I normally am pretty bummed after a Badger loss.  But last night I was just irritated.   This loss lays directly at the feet of Brett Bielema .  He did not get his team ready for this game.  It was a huge loss last week and he as a head coach should have known it would take work to get them ready.    I have noticed that Brett Bielema has a hard time winning the important games.  Does anyone else not think the reason the B.C.S. does not take us seriously is because of very CUSHY non conference schedule that we have year after year.  That of course is some what courtesy of good old Barry.


Last night we watched some of the same mistakes as they made the week before.

I am sure this is not what Russell Wilson came to Wisconsin for.   He is just AwE-Some.

A friend did some figuring of Bielema’s record.    If Bielema was a student at the U.W.. he would be failing.

All the hype has gone to their heads and now the season is in question.



BB‘s record has been have padded (with the help of Barry) over the last seven years with weak non-conference competition. Here are the facts since BB is coach including this year:

1. Against ranked opponents 8-11 = 42.1%
2. Against all Big Ten: 30-14 = 65.9%
3. Against Top Big Ten Teams (Michigan, OSU, Nebraska, PSU, Iowa, MSU): 10-13 = 45.8%
4. Against Top Big Ten Teams on the Road: 3-10 = 30%
5. Bowl Games 2-3 = 40%
6. On the docket for non-conference next year with their record this year, we have UTEP (4-4); Oregon State (2-6); Utah State (2-5); Northern Iowa (Division I-AA).

BB is not a winner and will not be when we don’t hold him to better standards in conference play.


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