Walker’s terminaton letter


To:          Scott Walker

From:    The People of Wisconsin

Date:     May 15, 2011

Re:         Termination of Employment

CC:         Rob Cowles, Alberta Darling, Dan Kapanke, Randy Hopper, Sheila Harsdorf, Luther Olsen, Rebecca Kleefisch, JB Van Hollen, Ron Johnson

BCC:       Adrian Grimes, Andy Ford and the band Hell’n’Ade


Mr. Walker:


This memo is to inform you that your employment by the People of Wisconsin will be terminated in 2012 via recall, in accordance with Article XIII, Section 12 of the Wisconsin Constitution.


This termination is taking place because your actions in office are vulgar, deceitful, divisive, offensive and mean to so many Wisconsinites you supposedly govern.  The actions of you and your supporters have made an unpatriotic stain on yourselves, Wisconsin and this entire country.  They prove you to be people of ignorance, malfeasance and small intellect, unfit to lead or represent us.


Your pink slip is below.  Click on it and listen to many more reasons you must go.  With the exception of Teabag, the now lame horse you rode in on, no transition, relocation or other assistance will be offered to you by us.  Because you are not represented by a union, this decision is final, and subject to no further appeal or discussion.


Truly wondering if you can sleep at night,


The People of Wisconsin







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