Bye Bye Lovey Smith and crew????

Well the one time in the last five years that I have cheered for the Bears they screw up.  So Badly.

I could not believe how badly they played.  I could not believe how  they got knocked around.

I could not believe how Jay Cutler actually stood (as much as he could) and got knocked around.

He took a beating.   If he continues to take a beating like that I doubt he will make it through all 16 games.

We make fun of him so often for pouting and looking like he could cry.  I would not have blamed him Monday night.

How ever for all the hype surrounding the Lions,  they are yet to play a good team.    They have had a very soft schedule.  EASY.

I thought the Niner’s would give them a run on Sunday, but a sports commentator this a.m. was saying he does not believe the

Niner’s are as good as their 4-1 record,  that they have had a easy schedule as well.


What was the deal with the Lions player, with the freaky red eyes.  Red like a demon.  I thought I was just seeing things , but I saw it more than once.   I asked a couple other people who watched the game and they said they saw the same thing and were freaked out.   It is not Halloween just yet, right?    Some said it was red contacts.   What a freaky thing to wear.



Time will tell..

Go Packers!


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