Conrad Murray Trial- Michael Jackson


I have only watched pieces of the trial so far.   I can’t see sitting and watching it in length .

But this guy clearly was negligent.    Even grossly negligent.


But  I think we are seeing just how much of an issue Michael Jackson had with drugs.  He was very much an addict.   Very sadly an addict.   It’s sad that someone so talented, with all that money wasted his life being drugged and high .   He chose this.   NO one forced drugs on him on a regular basis.   He chose it.   His tolerance to prescription drugs also grew , meaning when this Conrad Murray did step in he gave him larger doses , than most would be able to stand because of Michael Jackson’s tolerance to normal doses.

Conrad Murray is guilty from what I have heard so far,  but so is Michael Jackson.   Guilty of bad choices when it came to taking drugs.



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