The Green Bay Packers

Our family was so excited for football season to start!!!

Two games down and the Packers are 2-0.

One of the Sunday Football commentators made the comment ” I can see the Packers going 16-0, they are that good.”  I do not think they will go 16-0.  But I do see them  right back in the play offs.   They are very good.

When one of the commentators was asked who in the Packer’s division did they see being a real threat to the Packers?  He answered ” the Packers are the Packers biggest threat.”

I took that to say if  they did not get full of them selves,  or be riddled with injuries again.

I would like to think Mike McCarthy has them grounded.   But neither game they have played this year have been easy games.  They  should have put away Cam Newton early and never looked back.   It was a scary game.

However some credit needs to be give to Cam Newton.  He is going to be very good.  I like him.  I had wished he had not sat there with that towel over his head when things started going down hill for him and his team.   It reminds me of Jay Cutler pouting.   But as I watched him I realized I really do not think he was pouting, but that is just what he does.

I was very sad to hear Nick Collins is out for the year.  That was a scary injury he had  better to be safe.    We wish him well.

Go Pack!!!!!!


I realize that we have fair weathered Packer Fans,  we can really do with out them.   Let them go cheer for the bears.

But I had to laugh at some of the comments I read about the vikings and bears games this weekend.   I LOVED it they both lost especially the vikings.

But people were griping on the Minnesota Star Tribune‘s sports page about many things..  After all those vikings are 0-2  love it.

But people’s comments about ‘ Why did coaching staff not make adjustments at half time?”    What a bunch of nit wits those fans are.  Have they failed to remember the vikings were up 17-0 at half time.  Why would they make any real adjustments what they were doing seemed to be working.

Minnesota fans were griping about Donovan McNabb and how he should be replaced.   IT was your defense that let Tampa Bay back into that game.  LOOK at your defense.  They failed to show up in the last half of the game.   I am not so sure Donovan McNabb was the right pick for Minnesota.

If anything Minnesota should have done more when they could , like Philly did , like the Patriots did ,  in getting some help where it was needed.


Chicago what can be said, when you have a whiner for a QB?   Did you see the tantrum Jay Cutler through on the side line on Sunday?   He is no leader and that is what they need.





Those Detroit lions look impressive, but I think we need to wait until they play a good team before we start putting them in the playoffs.


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