Melissa Hammann Writes about Community Service Senior Projects required for graduating class of 2015

IF you get the  Evansville Review please check out Melissa’s article on PAGES  5& 10 of this week’s newspaper.  Melissa really takes a lot of time in covering these board meetings and writing correct, fact filled articles.  Her articles are not one-sided, and she does not make excuses.  She does it right the first time, unlike a certain paper I will refuse to mention.

In this article she does a very good job explaining the in’s and outs of this Community Service Project that all Seniors( and I do not mean Senior Citizens) will be required to complete before they graduate.

I for one think this is a good idea.  The kids are really given plenty of time to complete this project.  There will be help with finding mentors, and deadlines at different points in the project to make sure everyone is where they should be and not falling  behind.

The school board did have some concerns and did not approve this the first time it came before them.  They asked some series questions, and the school did a trial run this last year with students who volunteered to do this project.

Melissa did a excellent job reporting on this, because she was there.  She not only goes to the board meetings but stays up on Monday nights until she has her article ready for the Review ,. which comes out the following day.    She is a busy lady but does a great job getting us the news, a true reporter.

Thank you Melissa.

***** Remember pages FIVE and TEN.

Thanks again Melissa


2 Responses to “Melissa Hammann Writes about Community Service Senior Projects required for graduating class of 2015”

  1. chasinthenews Says:

    I think when one is a NEWSPAPERS they have the responsibility to attend meetings before reporting on them. That is why they are called NEWSPAPERS..

    IF they are not going to attend the meetings they should not pretend to know what they are talking about just so they have something to put in the paper.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate hearing good things about my writing.

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