Test scores same at Wis. public, voucher schools

I have read different reports on if these voucher programs work or not.

Certain groups would like you to think they do not.   But these are the same groups that are against any kind of alternative school.

The voucher program is great , no one should be forced to be in a school that does not work.

I hope the state expands this program.


Then if I flip this I would have to say if walker is behind this ‘report.”  we are all screwed.



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  1. Okay, I know we differ on this subject. But here’s some items to consider.

    This program was funded with hundreds of thousands of dollars of state moneys for years and only was subjected to the same testing requirements as public schools last October. For the first time. The whole reason for this “school choice” program is because public schools are supposedly failing to educate students and get to achievement levels expected by NCLB. Saying the school choice program has levels of achievement equivalent to Milwaukee Public Schools is not saying much. Their achievement is abysmal and certainly not any standard to which anyone should aspire. And let’s remember that two separate sources have come to this conclusion, since the governor didn’t trust the Wisconsin Department of Instruction and hired an “unbiased” firm to look into the results.

    Now let’s consider the challenges faced by public schools in reaching the NCLB achievement levels or proficiency goals. In Milwaukee Public School District over 90% of the students qualify for free and reduced lunches. That’s huge. They meet the same level of proficiency achievement that their private “alternative” school counterparts do without this challenge. In addition, there is a significant population of students with disabilities who must be educated in the most natural setting possible. We probably don’t need to belabor the resources required to provide this service, one which private school don’t have to provide because they can deny access of their school to anybody they please because they are PRIVATE.

    Finally, all the public funds which have gone to these schools have decimated the public schools which are barely treading water, some are going down for the last time. All so students attending the “choice” schools could achieve equivalent academic performance to their public school counterparts. I don’t think this is at all the point of school choice and am loathe to see it expanded.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    Thank you Melissa for your input on this. It’s always good having your input as you understand how this impacts schools more than most.

    I find it interesting that only last year they were required to the same testing as public schools.

    It is sad that Milwaukee Schools are in the situation they are in.

    It just goes to show us we should be grateful for what we have. I think over all Evansville does a good job.

    Thanks again for your input on this.

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