How many will leave the school district?

This last spring Theresa Daane resigned from the Evansville School District.  I for one am sad to see her go.

I did not always agree with her , but I respected her.    Theresa is very smart, and very good at her job.  It is a huge loss for the district.

Now I did not have the opportunity to ask why, but most people leave for more money, or a bigger challenge.    She faced many challenges in the school district and conquered most.

But with the lack of school funding  there are more challenges every day.

She was an advocate for parents and students.   She knew that was her job.

She held, staff accountable which in a small district, small town is not always easy to do, but she did.

She worked hard to get Evansville to pass ‘ No child left behind.’  She put in a lot of hours.

She helped to organize the B.A.S.E. committee here in Evansville.  She was the one school staff member you would almost always see there when it started.

She worked the Fourth of July booth at the park, in 2010 for B.A.S.E.   She did not need to do that.   She was not from Evansville.   She could have spent that time with her family.  But she gave her time to our town,  to the family’s and students.

She was not here long,  but she left an impression on those who met her.

She will be missed.

How many more good, quality educators will we lose?


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  1. We will lose more thanks to Gov. Walker. It figures that a uneducated man such as he would take away the rights of so many.

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