Discover Wisconsin:::What happened/What will happen to our down town. Evansville Observer Video and Audio.

WOW..  big loss to our down town.  With the soon to be closing of the antique store, and Kristy’s party place.

I had told Kristy when she opened.  ” If you had asked I would have told you not to, because Evansville sucks at supporting local business in particular specialty shops.

I have supported her when I could , but how many balloons and invites does one person need.

SO WHAT does that leave??  The Sew Many Threads,   De Ja Vue, which I love, the ceramics shop (for what it is.) and the pharmacy.  There is also Matthias James, I love his work.

BUT really as we all know there is nothing to draw people to Evansville.

IT’S SAD when the Rummage Sale Weekend is the biggest draw of the year.

They are going to do the Windmill Festival again this year but as we all know that is nothing but a joke.

They have put the Farmer’s market out of sight and mind.   Why they ever moved them I do not know.

What about the TIF District in the down town, not looking so good now.   WE the taxpayer’s had better not end up taking the hit for that if it fails.

INSTEAD of doing ” Discover Wisconsin”  which was just ridiculous and has done nothing for anyone.  They should have done a commercial like Milton did with the money.

That would have made a lot more sense.  Milton has a very nice commercial that actually brings business to their town.  We actually have checked out a couple of their shops that we never would have known were there if they had not put out that commercial.

Discover Wisconsin has shown it self to be a silly waste of money.

IT failed to do what the Mayor said it would do.

NO new business has come into this town in years.

Just building new houses that sit empty along with over 100 current real estate listings in the area.  Ridiculous to build new when you can not sell what there is already..

The Evansville Observer has some really good video and audio from years past on what the Mayor and Alderpersons thought they were going to do, by dumping money into the down town.

They failed in a big way and it has cost the taxpayers a lot of money.


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