I LISTENED to Fred ……Library..

OH please FRED…  First  where is Kathi KEMP????  THIS should be her begging for money not you…

Second he really said nothing that he did not say in his letter to the Observer.

Third.. they, the library needs to stay within in its budget NO matter what the budget is.

Friends should NOT be paying for repairs.   Kathi  the LIBRARIAN needs to find away to make her budget work.


The Library is not the same as the LAKE.   Good Grief.

What a goofy argument.

FRED.. MANY CITY DEPTS HAVE SEEN NO BUDGET INCREASE IN LAST FEW YEARS… THE library is not alone.  But other depts make it work.

Other depts do not have  friends of the library to pick up their bills….


I think the Evansville taxpayers need to decide what type of library we want.  How it will be used.

IF the city really can not afford to support this, within reason.  Then they need to leave it as it is.







Think about it the library is crying about how little money they have now,  what happens when they get bigger?   IF the city does not have the money to support this library as it is today, it needs to stay the size it is.     Because money does not grow on trees as the library seems to think it does.

There are just to many other options  ,  this library needs to adjust to the changing times.












listen to the audio.




4 Responses to “I LISTENED to Fred ……Library..”

  1. When people say ‘ well the city should support the library more , they put in a lake and supported that.’ The LAKE was a one time deal. The library looks for money year after year, after year. When people say ‘ well the city should support the library more, they put in a lake and supported that.’ I will remind people the COMMUNITY did not support the lake project, some did but not all. Those who want to make the argue of Lake vs Library. It reminds me of kids who think because mom and dad got one kid something , they must make it up to the other kid and get them something to even things out. Those making the argument for the library sound as though they think they are entitled, even commenting how libraries in other towns have gotten bigger budgets in the last few years.

    WE are not those communities. They need to quit whining and get busy fund raising. NOT Friends for the library but the library itself. Help them selves instead of standing their with their hand out.

  2. I also question where Kathi Kemp was? Did she have something more pressing. Having worked in government as long as I have is important, I make sure I am there regardless of my own plans, I make it happen if its important to me. I think it says a lot that she was not there. She should have been.

  3. jkdales Says:

    We do not use the library nearly as much as we used to. Welcome to the world of kindles and internet. We use the Kindles all the time. I hope the library is not holding their breathe on getting more money, I do not think its a priority. There are so many more important things like funding the ems, up grades to our police dept, lowering our damn water bill.

  4. chasinthenews Says:

    I believe the library will get more money, I do not believe they will get the figure they want. I do not see that happening from what I know. Why should they? Give them some of what they need, but then like the other departments in the city they will have to set priorities of what to do with the money they receive. There is only so much money to go around and there are more important things.

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