If I give you a gift. I want you to have it.

The Evansville Observer has audio on the city discussing how it works if any one department is given  a gift.  Be it money or a physical item.

I think as citizens of Evansville if we give a gift to the Eager Free Public Library of a computer, or monetary donation, or books we expect the library to receive those and be able to use them at the library.

If we give to the E.M.S.,  we expect the money to go to the E.M.S.

I remember a couple of years back it was discussed at a city meeting how the E.M.S. had a nice sum of money in their bank accountthe CITY took that money to pay other things.   THAT is wrong, just as wrong as a gift given to them , not be left for them to use as they see fit.

The E.M.S. works very hard for the money they receive , some through fund-raising and the city took it.

I doubt that many people are aware how the city handles gifts .

If it requires maintenance it becomes an issue.   Money does not need maintenance but if the city can take from the E.M.S.   I would question where any cash donations are really going.    IF you are going to give make sure you make it clear if they are not going to use it as you choose they can not have it, and you want it back.   IF a check even put that on the memo line.

When my great-aunt moved in with my aunt, we cleared out her house and she had boxes of books, collections, collectors, antique books .. she was a teacher loved to read and it shows by her books and the quality of books she had.

We talked about donating to the E.F.P.L., thinking if nothing else they could sell them at the book sale they usually have rummage sale weekend in August.    The decision was made to give them to a charity in Madison who works with under privileged youth.   My great-aunt wanted the majority of the books to be available to those who may not be able to buy books, she wanted to give them away.

The collectors series and antique books were given to the school she taught at for years.   They now have a special place in the schools library where they will stay. I am now glad they went to the charity and school they did.    Because they are being used how they are intended,  unlike when you donate to the different departments in the city of Evansville.

We encourage people to donate, BUT before signing over that check or giving of any items talk with the city administrator and make sure it will be used as you want. That is will go the E.M.S. or the library or who ever you donate to.  IF its not going to be used as you want it used why donate?

Listen to the audio on the Observer



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