Why ‘Caylee’s Law’ Is A Bad Idea and only “educated’ jurors please….

Wow almost a week since that so called  verdict.

I have heard a couple of interesting things since this verdict came in.

I heard one person on Nancy Grace suggest that we raise the bar in picking jury‘s.  Only those that are educated should be allowed to sit on a jury.  Because as this caller pointed out it seemed like this jury gave up before they ever started.  That the evidence was way to involved and over their heads to begin to understand.

Nancy Grace surprised me by saying something to the point that it used to be people thought only WHITE people should drive, only White people should vote,  Only property owners should vote, only men should vote.. and so on. She also said some of the most educated people are the biggest jack asses.

I agree this jury gave up.  They quit before they ever really had the chance to explore and study the evidence.  BUT.>>> maybe also the STATE should have left the death penalty off the table because it is a proven fact it changes how jury’s decided with their verdicts.

I was not looking for her to get the death penalty to me that was not important I was just looking for her to spend the rest of her miserable life in prison.

Now there is a group who want’s Caylee’s law passed.   Those who created and promoted this are well intended.  But how many parents have to be told to report their children missing if they are truly missing?   NONE.       Unless they have some thing to hide.     Casey had something to hide.

Now the juror’s come out and say they are ‘sick’ by the verdict.. why not find her guilty of one of the lessor charges.. some thing more than lying to the police?    The jurors with having found her guilty of lying to police should have been able to sit back and say  She is guilty of lying to police .. why did she lie to the police?   Because she his hiding something.  She is guilty of something.

I think we all know except for maybe Casey who lives in her own world, that she will have no life.   NO one has the right to harm her or her family they can live in their own hell knowing what she did…

When even the Maury show rescinds their offer of money to her and her family to go  on his show.. it should show her  no reputable news show is going to pay her any money.

Her lawyer was dropped by a big name talent , Paradigm dropped him shortly after signing him.   Even they could not take the heat, or not found him worth it.



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