Casey Anthony NOT Guilty?

How could they not convict her if not first degree murder, than child abuse.   But nothing but lying to the cops… UNREAL.

Her parents know she did it.  They did not go to their daughter after the verdict.  Why would they she threw them under the bus.

Casey Anthony is a monster and murderer.

I am just stunned.  I watched this when I could on HLN .. I do not know how a jury with any common sense could let her walk..’

H0w did they explain away the fact she did not report her missing her 31 days?  HOW do you ignore that?

Justice was not served.  It failed that beautiful little girl.


Sadly this woman will make thousands if not millions off her story.


I wonder if her lawyers are worried for her safety at all?



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  1. fiveonearth Says:

    And she’s dreaming of having another baby? God help it!
    And she’s going to write a book? Don’t buy it!

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