The Pool Is Opening YEAH!!!!!!

There was a lot of talk last summer and fall about our city pool.    Quite simply as great as a friend she has been through the years, she has a leak.   A very expensive leak.

But she will be open starting June 6th.  This is great news for the family’s of Evansville.   We are very fortunate to have a pool.

That being said if you see something that is not right either in the behavior of kids at the park or in the way the pool is being run,  REPORT it to the right officials.   Naughty kids?  call the police,  issues with the way the pool is being run,, our city administrator,  Dan.    DO not wait on issues for someone else to address concerns.   WE are fortunate to have that pool and we do not need a few spoiling it for the rest of us.

I also noticed the pool is going to have several activities through the summer.. I encourage everyone to participate in these events, as this pool needs MONEY.   It will eventually  have to be fixed and it will take some major moola.

There would be no harm in taking donations at the Fourth of July events to fix that pool either.  When people are up there and looking at and thinking about, ask for money to help fix it.

She has been a good friend to the City of Evansville its our turn to take care of her!!!!!!

Enjoy the pool!!!!!

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