Suicide is very ugly.

I never,ever would have dreamed that my life, my family’s life would be directly effected by a suicide.   Never. But then again who does?   If we knew we could hopefully prevent them.

March 22nd my world , my family’s life was turned up side down by the suicide death of my nephew Riley V.Whitehead committed suicide.

I heard some say in the days after that his life was so planned out for him.  He was in one of the best schools in the State of Wisconsin.  The U.W. Madison.. He was a straight A student.  He was active in the band and musicals, theater in area community’s including ours.   he was in the Oklahoma production .   He loved the theater.

He had plans to  be a lawyer.

I am angry with him.   I make no secret of it.   I am angry with him.

He shattered the lives of  my sister and her husband.   They are not just heart-broken, but shattered.    I have never and I hope I never again see such pain.

It leaves so many questions and doubts for those left.   Everyone asks questions and wants to blame someone.

There  were no warning signs.  None.    But he was an actor.   He hid things well.

He had his entire life ahead of him.  He could have done anything and been anyone he wanted to be.

There was almost 900 people at his funeral.. and not one person knew the hurt he was in.

My life will be better because he was in it for 19 years.

We need to talk about suicide and not hide from the fact it’s right in front of us.   One never really knows.

We love and miss you Riley.

If only you would have talked to some one..  Anyone.


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