Monday Night,, Observer has info.

I understand that we as Evansville tax payers would not pay for any one new being annexed into the city.    I DO NOT CARE.  WE do not need to be taking land from one township and putting it into our city.    It is about collecting taxes from this land.   There is no other reasonable explanation for why the city would even entertain this idea.

I heard a figure of what they want to charge people to hook them up to city services,  it has to be cheaper or almost cheaper to put in a new sewer system themselves and not get socked with Evansville’s sky-high taxes.   It is not only the taxes but the water and light bill.   That has just become outrageous.

Union has it pretty good they have lower taxes and they get the use of city services such as the schools, library , Ems and  Fire dept, which from what I understand we share any way.

They can keep their land in Union but I do think they need to pay a fair going rate for the services they use.   Because other wise we Evansville tax payers are picking up for what they use and do not pay for .    Fair is Fair,   keep your Union township status,  but pay for what you use.


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