Suicide Pact: Minnesota Teens Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz Commit Suicide at Slumber Party

Absolutely amazing that  very little was done to help these girls.   How often and how long are kids suppose to but up with being bullied and harassed?    Why is it up to the schools to decide if it meets the ‘definition’ of harassment or bullying.

It’s funny how the schools do little because they do not feel it meets the definition of being ‘bullied’.    That there is not a ‘pattern’.. so a child has to be some one’s target for a time so there is a pattern before the school does any thing?     EVANSVILLE is very guilty of this practice.    IF there is not a pattern they do very little to nothing.

They are failing to protect students who are required to go to school.

I talked with a counselor several weeks ago who said ” Evansville schools are ‘awful when dealing with bullying’  … evidently Evansville has the reputation for kids being bullied.   They have for years.

Sadly some day you will read about a child from Evansville succumbing to being harassed and bullied,  and more than likely you will hear about the school being ineffective in dealing with bullying.

The want to make changes is just not there by the administration.  Even though legally they now have to they seem to be on the fence as to what stand to take.


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  1. chasinthenews Says:

    I also wanted to add if you are having a problem at the schools , if your child is being harassed or bullied, write every last thing down. When it started, who did you talk to, what did they say or do, did they follow through?, did it happen again? and repeat … It is so important to do this it will go along way if there ever becomes a on going issue.

    It is also the parents responsibility to talk with their kids about bullying. To make sure they are not bullying anyone. If your child is the one being bullied talk about some strategies with them. Make sure you are following through with the school and make sure they are doing something about it. Do not take the laid back attitude from them. If they know you are serious they tend to take it more seriously. If you go away and do not follow through they look the other way. You have to advocate for your child, because if you do not who will?

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