Hit them back really?

This is kind of like a pt 2 to my last post.    But I had a house full of h.s. girls a couple of weekends ago.   As I was driving several girls  home I was listening to them chat.   They were talking about how  ‘jill’  is a  ‘b’  and how she threatened to hit so and so.

‘Alice’ chimed in and said ” My parents told me to hit her if she ever hits me.”   ” Really I asked, they want you to hit her back?”    “Yes” replied Alice.

Another girl chimed in and said her parents had told her the same thing if anyone ever started a fight with her.

Silly me all along we have told our kids all along, if there is a problem with other kid(s) go and get an adult.

So I think its safe to say that is where a lot of the bullying in our schools comes from,  from parents who urge their kids to fight, instead of resolving it without violence.

What are these kids going to do when they are in the work place, hit a co-worker?


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