What a turn out!!!

I was no.1023 at the polls.

One of the election officials was telling us it had been busy all afternoon, line back to the door that stayed that way for over a half hour.

On the news this morning most places are reporting high turn outs.

Like I told people if you do not vote you lose your right to complain!!!

Congratulations to all who ran for seat on either council or school board.   We thank you for your time and effort.

For those taking on the challenges of a new position or having retained your old one have fun and good luck!   Especially for the school board members they face a lot  of challenges.

** I have not found final numbers yet but when I went to bed last night Barb Jacobson seemed to have won.

Along with Dennis Hatfield and a new comer to the school board.    I was very happy to see Dennis keep his position he has done a good job.

I was happy with the school board results.


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