state republicans did this to them selves.

SO  this bill is on hold for another two months?    I bet scott walker is just livid. .  I love it.  But they did this to them selves by not following the rules.   By not following the law.  They thought they were above it.

They cry because they claim they have not been able to give their ‘arguments’ yet, they have not been heard.      Yet they refuse to give up their immunity?  Now why would they be afraid of giving up their immunity if they had not done any thing wrong?   If it was all by the book as they claim?

Both the D.A. and the Judge have told them,  go ahead re-vote that is o.k.  just do it legally.

But they have not.   WHY do you think that is ?    Because I do not think they have the votes any more.   Several republicans have broken away from walker on several other parts of this ‘budget’ ..

There really is not another reason for not taking another vote.


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