How much has it cost?

After reading mayor decker’s article I would ask since 1980 how many/how much land has been annexed into the city of Evansville?

Why?  what was the reason and just how much has it cost the city ?

If this were to happen it would be a nice deal for the contractors not having to worry about septic.

If this were to happen the contractors need to pick up a big percentage of costs for the lift stations and hooking up to city and electric.

There is no good, justifiable for annexing any of this land into Evansville.

IT will cost Evansville tax payers.

mayor decker’s own words,  ‘We have looked back into the 1980’s and the city has never forced an annexation.”  ”  Annexation’s have occurred only at the request of the landowner often because of a failed septic system.”

I do not know about any of you but years ago when my parent septic system failed they had to put in a new one, AT THERE OWN EXPENSE.not at some one else’s expense.

***  Plan to attend Monday night’s meeting.

Public hearing Monday Night.


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