Union Township AD… found in this week’s Evansville Review.

Please click on the UNION AD, to read the ad that was placed by United Union and Bob Janes.   in this week’s Evansville Review.    03/29/2011  Evansville Review.

union ad

I do believe they have it correct.   mayor decker wants the tax money she thinks she could get from these homes and land.

Few believe the city is ‘financially strong.’   mayor decker is always looking at more rumble strips to put in or pin wheels to maintain they all cost money.

It’s funny because mayor decker tries to get us to believe all in well and several week’s ago the city administrator sounded ( as much as some one can sound in a written article.) he sound panicked about cuts in funding to our city courtesy of walker.

Like I said before I do not believe a word that comes out of mayor decker’s mouth because she is all for the contractors and I do not believe she fully understands all the financial dealings of the city. I think that is clear by some of the projects she has pushed through on the tax payer dime.

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  1. 1. This ad was in last week’s paper but much much smaller.

    2. Kelly Gildner is very biased in most of the way she runs that paper. She is very biased on this because Gildners have land they want annexed. They want some thing from the city. This is no secret people have known about this for years. She is very biased. I have no doubt she has tipped the city off many times. To think what that paper could be if some one was running it who knew what they were doing.

    3.But as far as their land they want annexed any one who has been out there can tell you there are water concerns.

    I do not subscribe to the Review but did receive it for ‘free’ as well for a while.

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