WHY should we believe a thing she says?

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So mayor decker has her dander up?  Because some placed an ad about the proposed change to the smart growth plan in the review.

People are not happy about this proposed change , NOR should they be.

I am going to take question to some of her statements.  Because she backs the contractors so why should we believe a word she says.  She has yet to do one good thing for this city.

I scanned the articles in, to this article so go ahead and read.

1.  SHE claims the city is NOT trying to ” swallow town subdivisions.”  BULL.  If this were to proceed as IS,  this is exactly what they would be doing.

2.   mayor decker must sit in her office and think ‘ why would anyone NOT want to be part of Evansville.?’  WHY not?      TAXES mayor decker you have saddled the residents of this community with sky high taxes .   That is why people move out side the city limits to escape the property taxes you have dumped on this town.

3.  She fakes sympathy about hard economic times , but yet continues with foolish projects, even when  she knew the city was looking at serious budget cuts.

4. She says they are not trying to ” sneak an amendment to the smart growth plan”  ..  REALLY?     Well I  suppose she thinks because there is supposed to be a public meeting on this that means something.    NO it does not because the city seldom fails to give the contractors what they want.

5. She says the city has  NEVER forced a annexation as records show as far back as the 1980’s.      That the only time there has been an annexation that it has been at the property owners request.    THEN this really should be a non issue, and why the meeting at all?   Because its clear several of the people in this area want nothing to do with being annexed.   So really the idea is dead then right?

5.  HER BIGGEST mis-statement ( trying not to call her a liar) is how over the past several years the city has focused on commercial and industrial growth.  Does anyone SEE anything new in terms of commercial or industrial growth? NO they have not brought any business to town.  NOT one thing.

6.  She takes the allegation of fiscal mismanagement very seriously.  I was so glad to see someone agrees with me, that she and council members are irresponsible.  They have spent foolishly.

7. She said the city is not going to RUSH growth.  Why does she not get out their and try SELLING some of these MANY homes in the area before building more. We do not need anymore  new homes, there are already plenty sitting waiting for some one to love them.

8.  I question why the review would have allowed this ‘ad’ as it sounds more like something for a ‘letter to editor’ item than an ad.   But I am sure to the review money is money,  regardless if it was fact checked or not.  I am  sure that is how they justify it,  it’s an ad, it’s not our problem what is says.   It just goes to credibility.    I wish I had gotten the paper , I only got the paper this week because mayor decker was throwing a tantrum on the front page.

SO I do encourage anyone concerned to attend the meeting on this .   IF someone buys a home outside the city limits or land they should not be forced into the city limits for any reason , just to help contractors pocketbooks.

It would be a burden to the city , with needing to build new roads and lift stations, which are extremely expensive.

If they want to help with the tax base as they claim we need BIG business industrial/commercial not MORE homes.


3 Responses to “WHY should we believe a thing she says?”

  1. Hey there, first time poster, found you through Melissa’s blog!
    The issue I wanted to comment on was the statement that “they” (I assume you mean Mayor Decker) brought no new business or industrial interests to town. I am not a City of Evansville Resident, I live out in the boonies, but I do think that business has grown. I have noticed many small businesses open shop- just for starters the new consignment shop, Running With Scissors, the party store, and that absolutely to die for Antique mall! Swoon! I LOVE that store. I have also noticed that the Real Coffee at Daun store has kept shop- when Susan and her partner left, they sold the business rather than shutting it down. THe Farmer’s Market is starting up again, and there appears to be a good deal of networking with the small family sustainable farms in the area.
    SO I wanted to say that I do not agree that business is suffering in the area.
    Even though I am not a City resident I do not, not, NOT want big time businesses moving in. I love the fact that I know the owners of the businesses I patronize- the flower shop, Ace hardware, and the small businesses I listed above. I know I pay more supporting the family business than if I were to drive to Janesville and hit the Walmart or Home Depot- but this atmosphere is why I love Evansville, and I will happily pay more to keep it from turning into a bigbox town.
    Look at a town with bigbox stores and cheap taxes, and you will find higher crime rates. I guarantee that a higher crime rate will lower property values, while higher taxes will not.

    • chasinthenews Says:

      Unfortunately these small business’s are not cutting in terms of helping with taxes. In fact most of them fall in one tif district or another and pay very little for taxes at this time. I encourage you to go to the Rock County tax data base and see how little they pay.

      There are to many office’s in the down town area. The down town has a history of not keeping stores. One leaves another comes in. They are not gaining. I personally know of one of the stores you named will be gone by this summer. Evansville does not support these stores like they should.

      We need industry/commercial to help with the taxes and bring jobs to the area. They have brought no industry to Evansville, and that is more what I was talking about.

      I appreciate your comment though.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    I should want to add.

    I do not think having something like Stoughton Trailers has added to the crime rate, and that is the type of business evansville needs. Some thing commercial/industrial that will bring in jobs, people who work in town tend to shop in town, even if it is just for lunch. It all helps.

    I am hoping for good things for the farmers market. I love farmer’s markets but we could really use more vendors. Last year I made a point of going when ever they were up and running.

    Do you have a blog? I was trying to find it and can not get it to come up.

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