Revisions to the Evansville Comprehensive Plan Highlighted—-Thank you Observer

When are they going to stop building homes they can not sell?  There is a abundance of brand new homes sitting unsold.   An abundance of older homes sitting unsold.

When are they going to bring some real business to town, quit with this building of things that only benefits the contractors.   If they bring this land into ‘town’   who is going to pay for the new roads and all they goodies they will need to bring electricity out there?

Who is going to pay for a new lift station?    When/if  they sell the majority of homes that are currently sitting for sale then take a look at doing this, until then there is no need.

LET the contractors because they are the only one’s who benefit from this.

Notice how in this report they talk about the wetlands ?  It’s too bad they did not acknowledge where those wetlands were before allowing building where they did.

I wonder whose idea this study was?

More money being spent they do not have.

How would something like this effect our schools?

Like many have said ,.. just call us Contractorville.


One Response to “Revisions to the Evansville Comprehensive Plan Highlighted—-Thank you Observer”

  1. chasinthenews Says:

    I noticed in this report they think that our population could be 8,199 over the next 2o years.

    WOW,.. and we will still be this ‘little’ bedroom town in 20 years with NO business and NO jobs.. Because the city has failed to bring any business to town.

    The city must also look at how this would effect the schools.

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