Labor Vows To Step Up Recall Effort Against Wisconsin GOP, Challenge Anti-Union Bill In Court


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  1. chasinthenews Says:

    Becki sent this to me. Very interesting.

    “Attorney Bob Dreps, an expert in open meetings and open records law, said the state’s open meetings law requires 24 hours notice before any government meeting can be held. It allows for shorter notice for “good cause” only when it would be “impossibl­e” or “impractic­al” to wait 24 hours. But even in those situations there must be a two-hour notice for an emergency meeting, he said.
    Dreps said from what he could see, the Senate Republican­s “didn’t give valid notice.””

    “Governor Walker is doubling down on a bad bet. Wisconsin law is clear: state troopers cannot take part in any dispute between an employer and employee over wages, hours, labor, or working conditions­. Considerin­g the crux of this debate is a labor dispute, the actions of the governor, majority leader and superinten­dent are beyond the pale. If Governor Walker insists on continuing his fight with the state’s public employees, he should do so within the bounds of the law.”


    There’s also an ongoing investigat­ion concerning remarks made during the Koch Brother prank call: Walker appears to have broken labor laws and campaign finance and ethics laws.


    But who’s counting?

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