A working vacation.

Our family is making plans to head for Florida.   It will be a mix of good fun in warm weather and some work mixed in.

My mom has been considering and looking for a while now at buying another house, something bigger. She has found that house and will be moving.

We get down to Florida every year to visit her but spend a lot of our time in the Orlando and Tampa area.  But this year we will be helping her move and staying right in the St. Pete  area.   There is a lot to see and do , this surprises my kids but there is more to Florida than Universal  , Disney World and Sea World.  I love Sea World , and Disney,  oh heck I love Universal.

I am looking forward to the trip.  It will be nice to have it be a more laid back trip and not always going, going, going from one attraction to another.   We will be working for part of the trip but there should still be several days for sightseeing.

But there is no way we would let her do this move without us, she clearly would have to hire a company and there is no way we will have her do that.

It just makes me so realize how much my parents helped and took care of us through the years, it’s now our turn.


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