Adversity builds character.

We do all tell our kids that in one way or another. Not in those words for most of us. But the school kind of preaches it in their own way.

If there is an argument or fight between students often you will hear teachers say “you need to let it go.” “You need to walk away.” “You cannot swear at and hit people when you get angry.” “Sometimes bad things happen in life and you have to learn to work through it in the proper way.”

So this talk of possible strikes involving teachers surprises me because really it goes against all they preach at the kids

Some might say it’s showing kids to stand up for what they believe in.

But those are the teachers who want it both ways. To be able to take action when it fits their needs. What is happening at our State level is not o.k

. I would be absolutely shocked if teacher’s in the Evansville District took part in a strike.

First it’s illegal in Wisconsin for teacher’s to strike.

Second they have their new contract. Why strike?

It’s not going to change what is happening in Madison. I really do not think they will, other schools may.

We may need to pack our kids lunch for a while though if the Cafeteria staff strikes which I read is a possibility

. I also do not believe the other staff are covered under any new contract that would protect them.

But nothing is going to protect them even for the teacher’s in two years if this bill passes they will have to abide by it.

I think it says something of character when teacher’s strike. If they want to strike let them do it in the summer

Sometimes bad things happen and they need to deal with it in the proper way just like the kids.




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