What will our schools look like?

If this bill goes through as Walker wants it to.   What will this do to our schools?  I will tell you what I know at this point it will do to our schools.

From what I was told the district is set to lose $350.00  per student next year.   That is because of State Funding already being cut.   It might be more  by the time walker gets done raping the schools.

At this point I was told it looks to be 7-8 teacher lay offs.   Maybe more depending on how this all shakes out.

If they lose the right to collective bargaining ?    Almost most certain larger class sizes.    Longer school days.    The school days are long enough as it is now.

But a question would be why teacher lay offs?   Start with administration where it will have the least effect on the students.    Why do they always start with teachers?

walker has also made mention of lifting the caps on virtual school, open enrollment , more students could make the decision to flee public schools not wanting to deal with the hit public schools are going to take.

This of course will also lead to loss of money for the district.

He basically is dismantling public schools.

Will you leave your kids in a Public school that has 30-35 kids?   No way would we.  There is no way a teacher can teach effectively with that many kids in one class room.  I do not care who they are or how long they have been teaching.

Not at the k-12 level.

Just a quick note still time to sign up for open enrollment for next year.   Open enrollment is open until Friday.   Please go the the Wisconsin D.P.I. Website.   to sign your child up for open enrollment.


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