Walker-Gate 2011

Watching his press conference , he is such a JOKE.  HE is getting nervous.

He just held a press conference last night.. he held this today because he knows he is in trouble.

Scott Walker is bought and paid for.

Scott Walker wants to pick and choose who can be in Wisconsin debating this.


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  1. He did truly expose himself for what he is. I agree his press conference today was damage control. Repubs can do all the damage control/spin they want but anyone who objectively listens to the entire call can see SW’s true colors. They need to stop making excuses for him-he got punk’d good and let slip some bad stuff slip.

  2. evansvillegrove Says:

    What was so damaging? Everyone is saying it but no one seems to point to what exactly about the conversation shows he is being bought.

  3. Walker, this is David Koch again…

    This is getting out of hand, it’s time you set up a news conference and tender your resignatio­n….

    This guy needs to do what is right for the People of Wisconsin and resign! He’s just plain Incompeten­t.. There’s no other way to put it. This NATION.. everything we stand for as a PEOPLE is on the line here. The Man this Governor owes his Job to profits from our misery.. Supply Side Economics is a Failure! You, Me, the Governor.. doesn’t matter we can bust unions until there isn’t a one left on the planet and Supply Side/”Free­” Trade doesn’t work! The state needs a competent governor who can get the people of that State to pull together. THIS is just getting embarrassi­ng now!

  4. evansvillegrove:

    The party line — now being picked up by much of the MSM — is that Walker didn’t say anything in private that he has not said in public. However, his public posture has been that this has all been about fiscal prudence, about saving money. Nowhere in this conversati­on is that mentioned. Instead, it is all about union busting.

    It is not what he said. It is what he says publicly that in private he ignored.

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