Interesting view from JKDales

I could not disagree with you more on this.  I was surprised as you tend to be quite critical of the school. I think they are going to get exactly what they deserve.   They have been demanding year after year and now they can learn to work with and live like the rest of us do.

The teacher’s union has been nothing but a bully for years.  Protecting bad teachers that should have been let go years ago, and these teacher’s knowing the Unions will protect them .

Having health insurance that the district pays hundreds of thousands more for a year than if it was just a simple plan like the simple man has.   When I heard what they will now be paying for health insurance I cheered ” good” they will actually be paying slightly more than what our family does.  It’s about time.

Have you noticed a change in attitude already from the staff and teacher’s at the school?  I have.   It may not be work stoppage but they have definitely slowed down.  The attitude sucks.

I sure hope Gov. Walker takes the caps off of Virtual schools enrollees and open enrollment, if this is going to be the attitude of teachers and staff of what we have seen the last couple of weeks who would want their kids around that attitude.

A teacher tried to tell me she was doing the same things she has always done, but its the attitude she is doing the work with that is harmful to students.

They always say they could do better in the private sector, well here is their chance.   Let them go.   Plenty of unemployed teachers who would jump at the opportunity.


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  1. chasinthenews Says:

    1sr this is not all about the teachers in case you did not notice. I do not like the part about giving him so control over medicaid. The man is a moron and should not be allowed to walk his dog by himself.
    He is very much a liar. He lied about how the we got into this mess, he lied about not touching medicaid/Badgercare, he lied about lay offs.
    I was reading yesterday afternoon how he was kicked out of college for cheating. But we already know he has no ethics shown by whom he is in bed with.
    I for one have been looking at the list of his supporters , money donors and will boycott them from here on out regardless of the out come. When possible this guy needs to be thrown out by his ears.

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