Many schools closed today– Teachers and State Workers belong in Madison at the Capitol

I do not blame them one bit.

So much for changes.

I congratulate the schools that are still open, and are holding it together.    Evansville is doing a great job.   I spoke with a couple different teachers yesterday.  I did tell them I think changes need to be made , but not like this.

They all said the same thing, they knew change was coming it was going to have to , but never thought it would be like this.

I know some kids walked out yesterday.  BUT WHY the teachers were still at school.   My daughter called and wanted to leave with some of the kids and I told her HELL NO,  it would be different if a lot of the teachers were gone.   BUT that was not the case.

These kids were just leaving to leave.  That if any thing is insulting to the teachers who were trying to keep things going.

But if you( teachers and state workers )feel you belong in Madison.. GO.  This is your lives this ass hole is screwing with.

It’s the parents job to watch their kids when school is not is session.

****** I want to make it clear I DO NOT feel bad for those who work for THESE UNIONS>  the  ones who have made $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ year after year after year..  Greedy is what these unions reps have in their souls.

Possibly NO school tomorrow as well at many schools.


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