I think Walker better have his list of things he is ready to give up if he gets his way on this.

Take half the salary..  RENT out the mansion,   get rid of security detail.. this is what he should be looking at getting rid of.

What is he going to give up to help the state budget?

DO you think it’s because he is not EDUCATED?     IS it really he is just jealous of those around him?

Changes need to be made but not this way.

HE is a idiot.

LETS get this recall going….


7 Responses to “WHAT WILL WALKER GIVE UP?”

  1. evansvillegrove Says:

    Half of his salary? His security detail? He needs it now more than ever. Rent out the mansion? Get real. Jealous of those with a higher education? He has surpassed most of those already. Only 49 others in the state have a job like his. Name calling? Let’s be adults.

    Here is what he and all of our state representatives need to do.
    1.Pay an equal amount to their health and pension benefits as the state employees will be expected to.
    2. Kill or severly limit the per diem for all the state representatives.
    3. Absolutley no unnecessary travel.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    He is not very adult like at all. He is a very much a bully and coward, and those are traits no adult should have.

    I would say let him keep the mansion if he gives up half his salary.. kind of like comp for lack of pay.

    He is none to concerned how these family’s are going to survive on less money and benefits , he should be giving some thing up as well.

    Why not rent out the mansion?

    Security detail do you think he needs it? ( Please note the sarcasm.)

    Why should he have these perks?

    Have they enlarged the doors at the Capitol yet to accommodate his big head.

    He has a hell of a ego, maybe if that could be deflated a little people would relate to him better.

    He has surpassed no one as we have all witnessed any fool can be Governor.

    I agree about what our State Reps need to do. Absolutely. There is no way any of them should be paid to drive to work. In a show of good faith they should be giving that up on their own.

    But Gov. Walker started this fire, what is he giving up?

    Changes are needed but this is not the way to get things done.

    He is a nightmare.

  3. chasinthenews Says:

    I was kind in the names I called him. Much worse being said about him.

  4. chasinthenews Says:

    I would have been much more behind him IF he had gone to the Unions first and put it on the line, ” If you do not work with us and we see real concessions I will do this…” He did not even give them a chance to make concessions on their own. He is very much power hungry and has no real interest in working with anyone.

    Should we start to talk about all the PORK that is in this budget?

  5. evansvillegrove Says:

    Just read Senate Bill 11(It is every bit as boring as Shakespeare) . No PORK.

    • chasinthenews Says:

      Unfortunately it does not even sound like this bill is done. There are several places where it has to go back to committee and then will be added on later? How can they vote on some thing that is not done? They are sure taking at aim at medicaid,, I thought he was saying if this bill passed he would leave it alone. I am only at page 20 and their are issues I will take it to work with me, my employer is not a dictator and will allow me to read this on my lunch. I will agree with you on 1 pt. Very boring.. I would like to also see the full content of wording of these items in here he has marked as repealed. I do not think one can really have a honest understanding of this until you have read all the material an d not just what Gov. Walker wants us to read. But to work with me it will go, we will see how far I get today.

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