Will Walker have teachers and unions begging for merit pay?

The one thing Unions and most teacher’s have been against since it was first suggested ,  may come to life in Wisconsin sooner than anyone expected.

If Gov. Walker’s plans effect teachers as suspected they will be begging for merit pay.    It will leave the good strong, solid teachers standing while the teacher’s who have never showed results will leave for other jobs.

It’s a sneaky way to get merit pay in place, but he said when he was campaigning that is what he wanted to see.   But never really said how he planned to do that.

Now we know.

It very well could be the end of the Unions, not a bad thing as their won’t be a lot left to fight over if  Scott Walker has his way.

But let’s be fair if you are going to target State workers , target them all including police and fire ..  Walker does not have the balls .  They have given him too much money .


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