Walker To Strip Most Union Rights

This guy needs to be removed.

i am all for negotiations but this fool, Gov. Walker wants his way without having to work for it.

He has been called a bully by many, and we are now seeing why.

LOOK at the mess he left in Milwaukee.


He might want to look at taking some general classes at M.A.T.C. and getting some sort of education so he knows what he is doing.


I would say the U.W. , but I do not know if  he could get in.



2 Responses to “Walker To Strip Most Union Rights”

  1. chasinthenews Says:

    This evidently will not effect their right to ‘bargain ‘ over wages. I do think that state workers should expect cuts, but the way Walker is doing it is wrong and the cowards way.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    I do not have a problem with State Workers getting less , having to pay more for insurance, retirement etc…

    It is the manner in which he is going about it that is wrong. Taking away the collective bargaining for those items.

    Is he afraid he could not win if he had to sit down at the table with them?

    Evidently it also effect Teacher’s Unions. I am not for how these Unions sock it to the school districts every time contract time comes around.

    How ever it is concerning because not all teacher’s make a lot ( younger teachers) and the one thing they can hang their hat on is insurance and retirement plan. So if they lose a good part of these what is the incentive for retaining and bringing in new , fresh teachers?

    It surely is not the pay.

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