Building Trades No.

These are the numbers I was forwarded about the building trades homes.

2007-2008 house…..selling price $190,000, cost to build $191,733.54 resulting in a “net loss” of $1,733.54.

2008-2009 house…..selling price $199,900, cost to build $183,072.62 resulting in a “net profit” of $16,827.38.

2009-2010 house….cost to build $186,782.30 (this is without any realtor commissions).

2010-2011 house….in progress


4 Responses to “Building Trades No.”

  1. chasinthenews Says:

    I knew they did not all run on profit. Absolutely no dropping the price on either of the two remaining homes.

  2. fiveonearth Says:

    Is your source certifiable?

  3. fiveonearth Says:

    And does any of those figures include the students’ labor or the teachers’ labor and expertise?

  4. chasinthenews Says:

    The source is very certifiable, it came from the school. A reader asked a board member , who then referred it to Deb Olson at the school. The reader then forwarded me the information she was given.

    NO I do not believe these figures include the free labor or the teacher’s labor and expertise. I am sure it does not. I do not think there would be a accurate way to do that.

    I felt kind of vindicated though because I knew there was a house that sold at a loss.

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