Corrections about Building Trades Class..

I was speaking with some one this afternoon.. and YES there has been a profit made on the last two houses that have been SOLD.

I am not going to get into how much.. GET YOUR BUTTS TO A BOARD meeting if you really want to know.   But there was a profit.

I heard about ALLEN Reality wanting the school to drop the price by 10,000 dollars.

DROP your REALTOR not the price.. IT is amazing what a different Realtor can do.

HOW much is this Realtor charging for her fee?   This is the school she is talking about.   SHE should be taking at least half her normal fee. ( keep in mind we do not know what she is getting, maybe she is taking less, if she is not she should be.)

THIS building trades class builds beautiful homes.. PUTS VERY GOOD QUALITY products in the house from siding, insulation to flooring.

THERE is no reason to drop the price..  WE need better marketing and maybe a better Realtor if that is the best she can do.

But regardless of profit, two houses, one not done.  No offers…

We can not keep building if we can not sell them.

It’s a great program , but every program has restrictions in what they can and can not do.


4 Responses to “Corrections about Building Trades Class..”

  1. I do not know what #? house it was but I was at a board meeting just a few years ago when they talked about the house they sold at a loss, or near loss.

    I would like a accounting of the last five years of houses they have built, how much they sold for , and if they made a profit or not.

    I agree dump the Realtor . That is what most people would do if a Realtor was not getting results.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    I know that I heard the same thing. I believe if you research the archives the Observer had video on this discussion from a couple years ago. But what I was told the last two houses made a profit, this does not account for houses before these two.

  3. fiveonearth Says:

    When the program first restarted (from the 70s) we were told students in the marketing classes would be doing the advertising and selling.

  4. chasinthenews Says:

    That is the way it should be. WHY pay someone to do what these students can easily do especially with the internet and websites available today to sell real estate. I know these students could do just as well as this real estate agent.

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